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Benefits of Property Management

benefits of property managementThe advantages of property management are many. A professional property manager will handle the headache of day to day landlord duties such as property showings, coordinating repairs, reconciling tenant concerns, monitoring the use and condition of your property and rent collection. Not all property management companies are the same, which begs the question, what makes Crown Property Management different?

Performance and Reputation

When Crown Property Management represents you, our entire team represents you. Many of which have been landlords themselves. For over a decade, our team of experts has been representing clients throughout the Temecula Valley and its surrounding neighborhoods. Seldom, if ever, do we experience an issue we haven’t experienced before – so we know how to expeditiously resolve any issue that might arise.

Tenant Procurement

When Crown Property Management represents you, your property is immediately featured in all of our advertising. You also have immediate access to our vast referral network. Since we’ve been representing property owners for over a decade, we’ve already established community relationships and community relationships translate into more showings and less vacancies. Every day, tenant prospects visit our website and tour our properties. Why not put our resources to work for you?

Maintenance and Repair

Because we represent so many properties we have negotiating power. Over the years, we’ve developed relationships with experienced tradesmen, all of whom recognize the long-term value of doing business with us. So, should a problem arise, once directed by you, we can respond and have the repair performed quickly and competitively.

Insulating You From Your Tenant

Maintaining a productive relationship between landlord and tenant is paramount. In most cases, the less contact a landlord has with the tenant, the less conflict. Nevertheless, in order to maintain a healthy relationship, an equitable method of communication must exist. Our property management style is firm, fair and friendly. Perhaps our greatest value is our ability to respond and resolve landlord / tenant issues immediately as they develop. We also have the systems in place that reduce the possibility of problems developing at all. Why not let the experts at Crown Property Management become your ambassador today?

Rent Collection and Income Distribution

We’re professionals when it comes to rent collection and rental income distribution. Each month, our staff will collect the rent from your property. On the 10th of each month, rental income checks are prepared and mailed or if you’re enrolled in our direct deposit program, electronically deposited into your bank account. More importantly, when you enlist our services, you’ll never have to make any uncomfortable calls to your tenant. Your property manager will handle this for you.

Accounting and Record Keeping

Each month you’ll receive a statement listing your monthly income and expenses, so record keeping is a breeze. We even handle preparation for year-end tax documentation. With our fully integrated accounting program you have a consistent paper trail and annual reconciliation. No more accounting hassles or cumbersome record keeping. At Crown Property Management we do it all.

Breaking the myth than professional property management costs more.

Perhaps the greatest myth is that since property managers’ charge for their service you’ll have to either increase your rent or net less money. While there is a cost for our services, the benefits of using our services far outweigh the costs. The simple truth is that an established property manager is more likely to secure a responsible and reliable tenant quicker than most property owners could secure on their own. They’re also more likely to rent your property faster and for more than you could on your own, reducing the possibility of a prolonged vacancy. But most importantly, when your retain Crown Property Management you’ll enjoy the freedom to do what you do best by relying on us to do what we do best. Want to learn more? Why not call us today? At Crown Property Management, we treat your home as if it were our own.

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