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Owner FAQs

Property Owner Frequently Asked Questions

When will I receive my rental payment and monthly owner statements?

You can choose to receive paper statements and checks in the mail or go paperless and have your statements emailed to you and your monthly checks directly deposited into your bank account.

Checks are always mailed on or before the 10th of each month and always accompany a statement with monthly and year to date financial information.  Direct Deposits are deposited no later than the 11th of the month and your statement is emailed to you once the funds are deposited.  If any repairs are needed, you will receive a copy of the bill.  There are no overages or hidden fees added to any repair.

How does the renting process work?

We will handle all advertising, photos, signage and phone calls from prospective applicants for your property.  We will present you with any applicants meeting our criteria for approval.  We do abide by all Fair Housing Laws.  We will handle the drafting and signing of all of your lease documents.  We generally do a minimum of a 1-year lease unless you specify differently.  Our Tenant Statement of Rental Policy is posted on our Rental Application webpage

How do you handle showings?

We try to be extremely accommodating with showing schedules to give your home the most exposure including appointments for evenings or weekends.  A Crown Property Management office staff member will ALWAYS accompany all parties through your home.  Lock box codes are not given out to the public or other agents. We advertise property that is in rent ready condition (vacant, house and flooring professionally cleaned, floor coverings and paint in excellent condition, etc.).

Who pays for utilities?

We require all tenants pay for and transfer all utilities into their own name upon lease commencement.  The property owner needs to have water and electric utility services on in their name for the duration of all vacancies. Please note that Crown Property Management does not transfer utilities into our company name or transfer utilities on behalf of property owners or tenants. Please contact us for further information if your property has utility services that cannot be transferred into a Tenant’s name (watering submeters for example).

What do you suggest regarding landscape and pool Services, if applicable to my property?

If you have a pool, we do recommend that professional pool services either be included or added to the rent.  You can also choose to include professional landscaping services in the rent.  Crown Property Management can pay your existing pool and landscape vendors on your behalf during occupancy by deducting the vendor invoices from your rental income (Vendor must complete a W-9 tax form and provide the required license and/or insurance verifications to our office).  We also work with great pool and landscape vendors we can recommend.

How are HOA, Taxes & Mortgages handled?

It is the responsibility of the property owner to directly pay all taxes, HOA fees (if applicable) and mortgages (if applicable).  If there is ever an HOA violation letter received by property owner, please forward to Crown Property Management via email or FAX and we will address the violation with the tenant(s).

How are repairs handled?

We have a general “pre-approved” cap of $250 for repairs.  If something needs attention in your home, we have it repaired by a licensed contractor/vendor.  Any repairs under $250 are completed and a copy of the invoice is sent to you with the monthly owner’s statement from which the repair was deducted.  If your home has a home warranty plan, we will submit requests on your behalf.  If the item needing repair is over $250, we will first call you for approval unless the repair is an emergency and requires immediate repair to prevent property damage or preserve the home’s habitability or safety of your tenant.  Property owners are responsible for the cost of all repairs, excluding tenant caused damage. Tenants are responsible for any repairs that are caused by misuse, neglect or damage.